The exterior of my wife’s and my 1950s house sorely needed painting because the last paint job was over fifteen years ago.  Now, our purpose was not to do a rush paint job (as often happens when a house is put up for sale) but to revitalize and restore.  So we wanted a company that would give us a reasonable price but also a super quality job that would last.  Based on reviews and recommendations from friends, I got estimates from six firms, all of them licensed.  We chose Gruber Painting and our experience was it was “as good as it gets.”

Joel Gruber is the proprietor, and he strikes us as knowledgeable, easy to work with, and really interested in customer satisfaction.  He impressed us both when giving the estimate and during the job. 1) More than some estimators, he knew a whole lot about paint and preparation, and he made excellent recommendations to insure a quality job. 2) He didn’t skimp, giving us an estimate that included top quality paints, caulking, etc., the proper number of coats, and even giving extra attention to problem areas that he identified. 3) His estimate was fair and reasonable – not the lowest but also not the highest. 4) Several paint company proprietors came out, but had we gone with them, we would have seen mostly a crew – “Where’s Macavity?”  Joel, though, was personally on the job with professional painters (not just helpers) who knew what they are doing. 5) We found him to be agreeable to minor changes and improvements as we got into the job. 6) He and his crew were respectful of our property and did a careful job (trim lines were straight, etc).

Beauty is more than a coat of paint deep – our house was prepped and painted  well and we are convinced the beauty will last for many years.

Michael H.

I recently hired Gruber Painting for a commercial job, painting some rundown offices in an industrial warehouse. There were lots of stained ceiling tiles, crazy colored accent walls, loose baseboards, etc. After they were done the place was truly transformed.

Joel Gruber is the proprietor, and he really pays attention to detail in planning the job and giving a fair price, not the lowest, but not the highest either. He makes an accurate assessment of the work to be done and gives a fair price for top quality work. He also helped guide me to the right choices in terms of paint color and finishes, and his suggestions about how to deal with the ceiling tiles and the baseboards were spot on. The end result is that you’d never guess what the space looked like before!

Joel is not only an expert at his craft, but he is friendly, easy to work with and really committed to customer satisfaction. He has assembled a skilled crew who also take a lot of pride in quality work. I will definitely be hiring Gruber Painting again in the future.

Barbara Brady