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Gruber Painting Presents 5 Hot Trends to Watch For Summer 2023!

Back in December, we posted our forecast for what the hot new trends in house painting would be this year. While we’re pleased to say that in many respects, we, and the experts we tapped for their takes, proved to be prescient, we want to take it a step further and zero in specifically on the interior of your home. As the summer approaches, people who are tired of the soothing pastel palette the pandemic years called forth are starting to make big, bold changes to their home’s interior color scheme–and Gruber Painting is here to help you keep pace with the trends or set your own.

With this in mind, here’s Gruber Painting’s rundown of the five newest trends we see in interior house painting for 2023 and why we think these trends are going to become time-honored classics!

  1. Big, bold hues are in.

During the pandemic years, with their constant barrage of tragedy and bad news, many people sought out pastel tones and gentle grays to create a soothing oasis from the constant barrage of “AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!” coming from seemingly every direction at once. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic and the events swirling around it recede in the public memory, many homeowners are taking a brighter, bolder approach to interior color as their personalities shine more brightly. Bold colors are making an epic comeback, especially as a contrast point for furniture. For example, a deep merlot accent wall can create a striking counterpoint to evergreen-colored furniture. Various shades of red are going to make a big comeback this summer, and these shades give a feeling of drama and energy to a space without going overboard.

  1. Earth tones are still king.

Whether you want to evoke the beach, your own garden, or the desert Southwest, the right earth tone can create a soothing backdrop for brightly colored furniture and accent pieces, letting them strut their stuff while still maintaining the feel of a peaceful oasis from the insanity of modern life. Experiment with sand and white, loam and bright green, and basically any bright shade of red or green against a contrasting muted shade of the opposite color. Not sure if the hues you’ve picked play well together? Gruber Painting’s professional design coordinators can help you choose a color palette that’s sure to help you live your best life while wowing your visitors and guests!

  1. Wade in the water.

Shades of blue inspired by water, from the brilliant aqua of the Caribbean Sea to the stormy deep navy of the Atlantic Ocean, are bigger than ever before. Look for bigger, bolder, more dramatic shades to transform a room while still imparting the flexibility and malleability of water into the space. These tones tend to blend harmoniously with the subtlety of earth hues and tints while giving the space a dramatic flair and conveying a feeling of both safety and gentle mystery.

  1. Give the green thumbs up.

In keeping with the pandemic-era trend of bringing the outdoors inside, green remains a popular choice. Whether you want the subtle, gentle tones of lichen and moss or the vibrant green found in the deepest Amazon for your home, green tends to play well with just about any earth or water tone, creating bold contrasts or soothing visual harmonics that can play up the drama and personality of the space while still creating a feeling of peace, comfort, and shelter from life’s storms. Mix and match bright blue with deep green, or vice versa, and see how it changes the feeling of even the smallest room. Add accent pieces and furniture in delicate fruit hues like mango and pale orange to create subtle or striking pops of life and personality in these color schemes.

  1. Warm it up AND cool it down.

The visual “temperature” of a room starts with the shade of paint you choose, and that shade is impacted by the undertones it uses to achieve its color. Mixing warm and cool colors and tones is a trend that’s gaining steam as people look for new ways to achieve the calming effect of pastels without losing the individuality and personality that bolder contrasting colors can impart to a space. A blend of warm and cool colors can make small areas look bigger or tame larger spaces to appear more intimate. 

No matter what your aesthetic, Gruber Painting has the skills, experience, tools, and ability to help you bring it to life in ways you never thought possible! To find out more about how easy and cost-effective redoing your home’s interior can be, click here to contact us via email or here to schedule a no-obligation walkthrough and color consultation when it’s convenient for you and your busy life. At Gruber Painting, we’re not satisfied until you’re not just happy but elated at the results you’ve gotten. That’s what’s made us one of the Bay Area’s premier interior house painting contractors and why we know once you experience the Gruber Painting difference for yourself, you’ll keep coming back for decades to come. And we stand behind our work with an industry-leading seven-year paint warranty, so you never have to worry or wonder what you’ll do if you find out the job wasn’t done right the first time later.

For a home that really reflects your personality and the colors of your world, contact Gruber Painting today!

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