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Gruber Painting Ahead of the Curve: Top House Painting Trends to Watch in 2023!

With 2022 almost behind us, we at Gruber Painting thought now would be a good time to start looking toward the year ahead. We wanted to see what the trendsetters are doing to prepare for the long winter months to come, as well as the warmer days beyond. To our surprise, we found a lot of the home painting trends from 2020-2022 are still holding fast, mainly because of the holdover effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and people’s urge to be prepared should another wave shut the country down. But some new twists are emerging as well, resulting in some unexpected, interesting, and startlingly bold outcomes! 

Let’s take a look at the top house painting trends to watch in 2023 and see if anything in this article jogs your imagination or inspires a bold new look for the upcoming year for yourself and your home!


1. Nature is STILL king.


Isolation, quarantine, lockdown: No matter how you say it, all have become synonymous with staying inside alone for a prolonged period. Once these phrases entered the common lexicon as rules rather than exceptions, it was almost inevitable that people would start trying to bring the outdoors inside using color when they couldn’t get out there personally. In 2023, this trend looks like it’s poised to continue, with every shade of green coupled with neutral shades like black, white and brown.


2. Gray is gone—maybe.

A lot of painting experts say that gray as an overall aesthetic choice is out in 2023—but it’s not wise to count it out entirely. As we just mentioned, greens and neutral shades pair with each other in new and surprising combinations. Brilliant emerald green and dark charcoal gray could make a striking contrast, as could chartreuse and ash or forest green and smoke gray. Also, silver is on the rise, and since it falls in the gray spectrum, it seems a little unfair to rule the grayscale out completely!


3. Silver and—blue?


Playing deep, rich blues off against silver is old-school—and this power color combo is making a comeback in a big way! Royal blue with silver trim, or even blue and white with silver furnishings or accent pieces, makes a bold statement that visitors to your home won’t soon forget. But silver and just about any color play well together, from turquoise and aqua to midnight and indigo. If you want a soothing but empowering color scheme, blue and silver make for an edgy, classic combo that’s coming back into its own!


4. Color and texture EVERYWHERE.


According to many house painting gurus, accent walls are SO 2010. In keeping with the “bringing the outdoors inside” theme underlying many of 2023’s painting trends, bright, bold colors throughout the house rather than restricted to one wall or room at a time can help freshen a house’s appearance, give a more open feel, and stamp more of the owner’s personality on every wall. Subtle wall texturing that gives even “cold” colors a little extra warmth and softness are en vogue right now as well. While texturing may cost a little more, it also adds extra dimensions and a feeling of homeliness to even the starkest white—important for people who spend the vast majority of their working lives in their own homes!


5. Think pink!


Salmon, flamingo, blush, bashful, sunset, coral, bubblegum: There are way more than 50 shades of pink, and they’re all taking on new life in the New Year! Part of the shyest color’s allure is surely tied to the forthcoming Barbie live-action movie, but much of pink’s resurgent popularity can be linked, again, to the aftereffects of COVID-19. For those who don’t want to go with “heavier,” darker colors, shades of pink can be a great way to introduce a relatively neutral, soothing tonal palette into their living spaces without veering into the gray/brown/black/white spectrum. Pink is also reputed to be a very soothing color, regardless of the shade, tint, or tone, which makes it a perfect choice for homes where harmony is the order of the day!


6. A black-and-white issue


 Not everyone wants to get back to basics. Some are looking for a more elevated color scheme. For these folks, the classic black and white combo never went out of style—and they’re right! Everything plays with black and white, allowing for brilliant pops of color in the furnishings and décor while providing a sleek, elegant backdrop. From jewel tones to warm earth shades to muted pastels, there’s simply no way to go wrong if you’ve got the original Dynamic Duo of black and white framing and showcasing the other colors!


7. Purple Reigns.


For some rooms in the house, like the bedroom, you’d have to work pretty hard to find a more polarizing color than purple. From the deep, rich hue popularized by Prince to mellow lilac, purple is on the upswing. This color is associated with attributes like peace, calm, relaxation, and of course, passion. When paired with silver or black and white, any shade of purple can make a striking statement and inspire a specific mood, feeling, or tone. If you want to do something a little off the wall, so to speak, for 2023, sit down with your significant other and have a look at purple paint chips. You might just be surprised at what you learn about each other and the energy you’re both yearning for in your home!


8. Opposites attract.


Chances are if you’re reading this, you saw a color wheel in school composed of primary and secondary colors. You might remember that for every primary color, there is a secondary color that complements it, hence the term “complementary” colors. They produce the strongest contrast to each other and, when mixed, create a grayscale color like black or white, effectively canceling each other. Bright, bold contrasts like royal purple and sunflower yellow, or a gentler version like lilac and Crayola Lemon Yellow, create a strong contrast but evoke decidedly different feelings in a space. Likewise, combinations like forest green and crimson or deep blue and dark orange are coming into their own in 2023. Pick one as a primary color and use the other as an accent to create a signature vibe and feel in your space that’s uniquely your own!

No matter what kind of color scheme you fancy for your home or business, 2023 is shaping up to be a great year to experiment with new choices. Gruber Painting is proud to be your locally owned and operated Bay Area source for the best service and results to help you realize your vision! No matter what mood or feeling you want in your home or office, Gruber Painting can deliver lasting results you’ll love, at a price that’s kind to your wallet, and using materials that are easier on the planet and everything that calls our world home—including us! To find out more about how Gruber Painting can help you start 2023 on the right foot with a new paint scheme that will have your friends, neighbors, and competition talking, click here to contact us today for a hassle-free appointment using our web-based scheduling app. And be sure to ask about Gruber Painting’s signature referral program!

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