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When Searching On Google For A House Painter Near Me, Think Of Gruber Painting!

The real estate market out in the Bay Area is INSANE right now. If you’re in the market for a new home or want to sell your current house, you probably already understand the importance of a quality paint job on a house’s interior and exterior painting to attract potential buyers only too well. So whether you’re looking to sell your San Jose home and get it ready for a final close or give your house exterior a much-needed touch-up, curb appeal is everything—and that means fresh paint. Chances are, if you’re not interested in doing the job yourself, you’re probably tempted to go to Google and search using keywords like “house painters near me,” “house painting near me,” “interior painting in San Jose,” etc., looking for both the nearest and best interior painting near me.

But when you type “house painters near me” into your search engine, how do you know you’re getting the best possible pro painting contractor around?



Just because Google’s locator system says a contractor is the nearest to you doesn’t necessarily mean the exterior painters it shows are the best for your needs. Based in San Jose, California, Gruber Painting is proud to offer the best residential painting with the best warranty, payment options, and our one-of-a-kind emphasis on customer service. Since 2007, Gruber Painting has grown from a small, one-person operation founded by Joel Gruber to one of the most respected names in residential and commercial painting throughout San Mateo, Alameda, and Santa Clara Counties.

Gruber Painting specializes in San Jose interior and exterior painting, with a quality-oriented approach to every aspect of its projects.

Every interior and exterior residential house painting job or professional house painters we undertake proudly maintains the same principles and commitment to excellence upon which Joel Gruber founded the company, so you know you’re choosing the absolute best of the exterior painting companies near you.

Today, we’re the home painters near you who serve the entire Bay Area as well as the city of San Jose,California, including the neighborhoods of:

  • Alviso

  • Japantown

  • Little Italy

  • Little Portugal

  • Little Saigon

  • Mayfair

  • Naglee Park

  • Rose Garden

  • Santana Row

  • The Alameda

  • West San Jose

  • Willow Glen

  • And more!

Gruber Painting is one of the closest San Jose house painters near me, and we also offer the most comprehensive list of services for your business’s or home’s interior and exterior painting needs.

Whether you need a small area with lots of details or a complete interior and exterior home painting rehab from the basement to attic, including living areas to bathroom and bedrooms, call Gruber Painting.

We are the locally owned nearby San Jose house painters you can trust from before we’ve arrived for the first time to after we end our work for the last time to handle all your San Jose painting and light restoration needs with the best quality around, including items like:

  • Aluminum siding

  • Cabinet refinishing

  • Cabinets painted

  • Ceiling painting and rehab

  • Commercial painting

  • Accurate cost estimates

  • Crown molding

  • Deck staining

  • Detail touch-ups

  • Drywall repair

  • Exterior paint, including fencing, roof, gutter, garage door, porch, and siding

  • Faux finish

  • Fence painting

  • Exterior and interior residential paint

  • Light restoration
  • Paint color consulting and match services

  • Power washing

  • Stucco

  • Wallpaper removal

  • Window frames and shutters

At Gruber Painting, one of the things we’ve really pushed for IS to set ourselves apart from other home painting contractors.

We ask questions about our competition and what has attracted our customers to them in the past. Then we look at our customers’ reasons and say, “Hey, let’s find every possible way to be better than that OTHER pro painting company!”

It’s this emphasis on work ethic, value, and being the absolute best commercial and residential painting contractor in San Jose that has made us the go-to professional painters in San Mateo County, Alameda County, Santa Clara County, and all over the Bay Area, including:

  • Almaden

  • Atherton

  • Campbell

  • Cupertino

  • Dallas

  • Daly City

  • Gilroy

  • Los Altos

  • Los Gatos

  • Menlo Park

  • Milpitas

  • Morgan Hill

  • Mountain View

  • Palo Alto

  • Santa Clara

  • San Leandro

  • Sereno

  • Stanford

  • Sunnyvale

  • Willow Glen

  • And more!

When you’re typing “house painter near me” into your favorite search engine, Gruber Painting makes it fast and easier to find the nearest and the best overall painting and decorating solution.

Call us at (650) 417-5323; reach us at our website,, or send us an email directly at

But one of the best ways to reach us is by clicking right here to book an appointment for a walkthrough with one of Gruber Painting’s very punctual, experienced estimators through our streamlined online app.

You don’t even need to make a phone call! Instead, use our app to enter your address and data about your painting job and book a time and date right online, making it simple to get an accurate cost to paint your business or home within whatever time window works for you and your busy life.

Let us show you how easy it can be to hire a home painter that gives you the San Jose painting results you and your family deserve at a price you’ll love by contacting Gruber Painting today.

Or, to learn more about why Gruber Painting is the local painter San Jose residents and the surrounding Bay Area trust, keep reading for our answers to FAQs about San Jose house painters near me from folks just like you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding the Best House Painter Near Me

Gruber Painting is the San Jose painting team you can trust to make your property look and feel like home!

Question: I want to hire a residential painter near me, but I’m worried about letting strangers into my home, even if they are house painters. How can I be sure I’m hiring a legitimate residential painting company that I and my family can feel safe with?  –Phoebe, San Jose, CA

Answer: At Gruber Painting, we understand that our customers’ privacy, safety, and security come first. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best residential painting house painters near me, here are a few questions you should ask during the bidding and selection process. The information you get from the answers help ensure you can feel good about the residential painter you ultimately choose to let onto your property!

     1. Do your San Jose house painters perform criminal background checks on all their employees?

If they don’t, or can’t verify the information they claim to have, this is a big red flag for mose people, and it should be! Every Gruber Painting employee, from the owner down, has undergone a thorough criminal background check. In addition, we’re Diamond Certified, which means we’ve gone through even more extensive vetting and background checks to make sure when we’re painting residential and commercial properties in San Jose and the Bay Area, our customers are always going to walk away happy with the results!

     2. Does the house painter you’re considering for your San Jose home have an active contractor license

You’d be amazed how often this step is overlooked. To be fair, most people tend to assume that if someone is advertising as a residential painter near me in San Jose, they’ve gone through the steps and processes required to obtain licensure. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Scams including every trade from roofers to exterior painters to paving companies seem to pop up regularly in San Jose, usually involving trusting people who were taken for a ride by unscrupulous “fly by night” contractors. Asking for the contractor’s license number and verifying it with the State of California before starting work can help you feel more secure when you have a room painter painting interior or exterior surfaces of your home. For the record, Gruber Painting carries California Contractors License #926251.

     3. Are the San Jose house painters you’re considering up to the job? 

Painting residential properties in San Jose comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. A company can bill themselves as an exterior painter with pressure washing services, and can show up in your local Google search for San Jose exterior painters near me. That doesn’t mean they’re equipped or prepared for the unique circumstances interior painters near me can face, from wallpaper removal to cabinet painting and staining. You can learn a lot about what interior painters near me are capable of by asking for information about previous jobs they’ve done, or even reviewing their portfolio or gallery of work

    4. Do you feel pressured in any way by the San Jose contractor you’re working with? 

Many San Jose contractors seem to think a “hard sell” is the best way to get customers to sign on the dotted line, no matter the long-term cost. At Gruber Painting, we believe you should never feel like you’re being pushed into something you’re not ready for or don’t want to do, from accepting a paint color you’re not sure about to dealing with the contractor at all. At Gruber Painting, we want you to be comfortable with the process from start to finish. After all, if we’re going to be painting exterior surfaces of your home, or performing interior painting near me, we want to make sure you’re going to have an experience that you’ll be happy to rave about on Yelp! That’s why every aspect of our business, from scheduling your first site walk and consultation to our cleanup process at the end of the work day or project, is designed to be as easy, unobtrusive, painless, and stress-free for you and your family as we can possibly make it. We’re not happy until our customers are completely satisfied, and that starts by making sure we don’t pressure them into any decisions they don’t feel good about. 

By asking these questions, you can choose interior and exterior residential house painters near me in San Jose that you can have complete confidence in. 

Or you can skip the Google search and contact Gruber Painting directly, so you can experience the difference a caring house painting contractor can make in delivering beautiful results you’ll love for years to come!

Question: I need great house painting near me, but I’m getting the runaround from every handyman and contractor I’ve contacted. Can you help? –Evangeline, San Jose, CA

Answer:  We know even starting a paint job on an empty house can feel overwhelming, both personally and financially. Who needs to add more stress when your chosen housepainter’s booked solid or just isn’t able to do the work? As San Jose’s most highly regarded home painter, Gruber Painting makes it possible to complete even jobs homeowners thought would be insanely expensive or impossible for less than you might expect. Give us a call or use our online scheduling app to get one of our experienced estimators out to your location, and let us get your place looking great at a very reasonable price!

Question: How can I hire San Jose exterior painters near me with confidence they’ll leave my house clean when the job’s done? –Brett, San Jose, CA

Answer: Few things are more frustrating than when your painter’s done, and your lawn and home look like a pigpen, and this stands as one of our owner’s biggest pet peeves. Many contractor ratings these days rely, at least in part, on how clean they leave the job site both at the end of the day and the end of the job. A reputable painting contractor will be very responsive and willing to take the appropriate measures so that when they wrap up the project, there’s no sign they were there at all except for a beautiful job done right. They will also be able to present you with references for recent jobs they did, so you can independently verify the current contractor rating and make sure their experience aligns with what you’re looking to have done. This lets you hire an interior painter or someone to paint the exterior of your home, or both, without fear that their supplies will be left all over the place when they’re done. Of course, the best and easiest way to ensure a great job is to contact Gruber Painting!

Question: Why do interior house painters near me charge so much for painting costs, and does Gruber Painting offer payment options? –Jillian, San Jose, CA

Answer: At Gruber Painting, we understand paint jobs can be a large investment in your home. So, we’ve pursued payment options, which is not exactly the norm in our business. In fact, most of their competition doesn’t even offer payment options at all. Gruber Painting looked at the available payment options from the companies that do, and we decided to look for the BEST payment options with the lowest cost and best rates for our customers. For example, we’re offering a 60-month, that’s FIVE YEAR, payment option, and our warranty on our work runs for 7. So, if you went this route, your paint job would be paid off before the warranty is even close to expiring.

The interest rate is 2.99% APR OAC, which is the lowest of any local San Jose or Bay Area painter we know of! We even offer 0% interest OAC if paid in full within 12 months, with no additional payments required! Payment plans like these are especially good for homeowners trying to free up cash flow to get work done prior to selling without tying up a lot of money in the house on the front end. Our finance programs offer an easy, affordable way to get all that painting, including the inside, outside, and cabinets done, without spending a dime out of pocket on the up-front cost for up to 12 months. Our industry-leading financing is just one more way Gruber Painting makes getting your home painted easier and more affordable than ever!

Question: What types of paint do you use to help keep painting and staining projects more eco-friendly? –Raven, San Jose, CA

Answer: We believe safeguarding the environment is just as important as delivering a great, beautiful, durable finished product that lives up to our seven-year warranty. Because of this, we use only certified low-VOC and no-VOC paints and stains on every surface of San Jose home’s exterior and interior, from bath to baseboards to bay window trim. We also comply with every local, county, state, and federal code for proper disposal of tainted supplies and leftover paint and stain. We make sure nothing we brought remains when we leave the Jobsite, helping reduce the impact on the environment both inside and outside your home. It’s one more way we at Gruber Painting are working hard to make sure your home and our world stay sustainably safe, healthy, and enjoyable for all!

Question: I’ve got a big San Jose painting project coming up on a historic building I own, but most interior painters near me won’t touch it. Can Gruber Painting do the interior house painting I need? –Billie, San Jose, CA

Answer: We absolutely can! No matter where or what the project is, no matter when it was built or what style it’s in, Gruber Painting has the skills and experience to do the light restoration and painting most other painting companies near me wouldn’t even consider. Obviously, we’d need to do a site walkthrough to make sure we deliver exactly what you want and that the work we do complies with all applicable codes and ordinances for restoring historic buildings, but that’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. Just use our online scheduling app or give us a call to get started, and let us show you how fast and easy it can be to get the paint you need–even on a historic site!

Question: How much should interior painting cost for San Jose residential painters, as opposed to a house exterior? –Will, San Jose, CA

Answer: Because there are so many variables tied up in the cost, this is difficult to say without actually seeing the home in question. You can figure that one gallon of interior paint will cover up to 400sq.ft., while a gallon of exterior paint will cover between 250-400sq.ft. However, this doesn’t take into account labor, time and materials, custom paint blending, and so on. As a rule, you can expect the exterior painting to be a little more expensive than the interior, but again, this depends on the type, color, tint, and shade of paint you want; the condition of the surfaces to be painted; the location of the house; and other factors. The best and most accurate way to find out is to contact us and let one of our experienced estimators give you a reliable quote, so you don’t have to guess what a great paint job will cost!

Question: I’ve contacted a lot of residential painters for room painting near San Jose, but the quotes are high from every painting company I’ve tried. Can you think of some possible reasons? –Jay, San Jose, CA

Answer: Between the follow-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and other global issues, you’ll find interior painting cost calculators may not be as reliable as they used to be. This is partially due to the fact that global supply systems are having to set costs higher to cope with the rising price of fuel, transportation, and product sourcing, especially since certain countries’ products have been embargoed or sanctioned. Unfortunately, this includes supplies such as paint for houses. At Gruber Painting, we offer payment options and financing that helps make San Jose house painting more affordable and less painful on your wallet, so you can get the beautiful new look you need and want for your home without the frustrations of the supply chain dragging you down!

Question: I just finalized the purchase of a new construction home, and everything about it is art—except the paint. Does Gruber Painting offer interior painter services on homes that have just been built? –Minga, San Jose, CA

Answer: Whether it’s new construction or a historic home, Gruber Painting is always happy to help you get exactly the right look you’re going for. We can work with your aesthetic preferences and the requirements of your HOA, if necessary, to deliver a bold, fresh look that you’ll love for years to come without breaking the bank or driving yourself crazy trying to DIY. Simply email, call or use our app to schedule a site walkthrough, and we’ll gladly see what we can do to get you a gorgeous look that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle!

Question: How can I tell if a house exterior painter is one I would definitely recommend on Yelp when they start the project? –Delores, San Jose, CA

Answer: One thing which really sets Gruber Painting apart from other contractors is that we’re very focused on customer service, and we pride ourselves on being a Diamond Certified company, which is not like your normal certifications. This is definitely a much more in-depth background check, in addition to the regular criminal background check we run on every employee as part of obtaining and keeping our contractor’s license. Not only do they do a standard background check, but over 100 of our past clients have been interviewed just to make sure we’re maintaining the customer service standard that Diamond Certification requires. We feel like painting is stressful, and we want to take that stress off of our customers, which is why we’re so proud to be Diamond Certified and willing to do what it takes to keep our customers happy and leave us rave reviews which earn us these great ratings!

To learn more about how Gruber Painting can give you the great results you deserve at an affordable price you’ll rave about, we invite you to click here to book an appointment with one of our experienced estimators and color consultants; call us at (650) 417-5323; reach us at our website,; or send us an email directly at today!

2 Important Places In San Jose You Need to Know About When Hiring a House Painter Near Me

The days when you could just call up a residential painting contractor and have them work on your San Jose home are long over, but that’s not entirely a bad thing, because it offers additional safety, oversight, and accountability for contractors. If you’re contemplating hiring a house painter near me, odds are you’re going to need to be familiar with these locations in San Jose as a property owner–and Gruber Painting wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get there. Here are two very important places in San Jose you’ll need to know and visit, from your friends at Gruber Painting!

San Jose City Hall

200 East Santa Clara Street

San Jose, CA 95113

(408) 535-3500

The San Jose City Hall complex is the nerve center of the city government. As such, it also houses the Building Department, which oversees construction-related matters such as contractor and project permits. However, even if you’re not on business, this sleek steel and white Postmodern edifice is well worth visiting simply for its aesthetics. San Jose City Hall was designed by Pritzker award-winning architect Richard Meier, who has also designed famous buildings such as Los Angeles’s Getty Center and Barcelona, Spain’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The complex offers wide open concrete spaces, a rotunda that calls to mind an observatory looking up to the heavens, and 18 stories of spaces for government offices and meetings. The Rotunda, designed to reflect San Jose’s policy of open and honest governance, is often rented as a striking venue for weddings and other events–some 150 each year! 

County of Santa Clara Department of Planning and Development

70 W Hedding St, East Wing, 7th Floor

San Jose, CA 95110

(408) 299-5770

Located inside the County of Santa Clara County Office of the Assessor, the County of Santa Clara Department of Planning and Development is responsible for overseeing construction and improvements on the county level, to ensure all projects meet environmental standards and other laws, statutes, and ordinances. It is not uncommon for homeowners to need permits from both the City of San Jose and the County of Santa Clara, although your contractor will typically take care of most of the heavy lifting for you. It’s well worth looking at their website for a comprehensive listing of all the services this important office offers to residents of San Jose and Santa Clara County!

5 Fun Things to Do Near San Jose from Your Friends at Gruber Painting!

 At Gruber Painting, we love to take time out and enjoy San Jose’s rich history, exciting culture, and natural wonders just as much as anyone else. Here are five of our top destinations to check out, from the Gruber Painting family to yours!

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

748 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95112

10 am-4 pm Thursday-Saturday

Reservations are recommended; face masks and 6’ social distancing are required within the park

The Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in Kelley Park is a 16-acre zoo offering a family-friendly educational experience featuring rides, activities, games, and naturally animals! Happy Hollow Park and Zoo work to conserve and safeguard threatened and endangered species like red pandas, Parma wallabies, and the fennec fox, to name just a few. A virtual tour of the facility is just a click of the header away!

San Pedro Square Market

Corner of San Pedro and Market Street

Hours: Sun: 10am – 10pm; Mo & Tu: 11am – 9pm; We & Th: 11am – 10pm; Fr & Sa: 11am – 12am

Masks/6’ social distancing is required by county ordinance, but check before you go for updates.

San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose is an open-air market famous for its dining, including ethnic and exotic eateries, gastropubs, and brewpubs, as well as boutique shopping. The alfresco dining area is a wonderful place to sit, eat, converse, mingle, and people-watch, making San Pedro Square Market an excellent date night destination or family afternoon on the town, no matter what your preferred flavor profile is. Click the header above for more information about the latest offerings at San Pedro Square Market!

Los Gatos Creek Trail

Running south from San Jose to Lexington Reservoir, the 11.2-mile Los Gatos Creek Trail is a hiking, biking, and nature enthusiast’s dream. Nature hikes, leisurely bike rides, and preserved California flora and fauna in their natural habitat make the Los Gatos Creek Trail a great picnicking and relaxing destination. Click the header to view a trail map, and be sure to check out the parks you’ll pass along the way!

California Theatre San Jose

345 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113

Featuring one of the last remaining Wurlitzer 4-manual pipe organs in existence, this lovingly preserved masterpiece from The Golden Age of Cinema and the silent movie era features the gilt, velvet, and Moorish architecture which made movie theaters the place to see and be seen back when movies were still new technology. But the California Theatre isn’t just there to look at–it’s a functioning venue for live music and theatrical performances, great for an evening out with a special someone or the whole family!

Winchester Mystery House

525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

No one’s quite sure why this architectural wonder was built the way it was. Some say it was Sarah Winchester’s effort to appease or hoodwink vengeful spirits. Some say Sarah’s gentle nature conflicted with her unsought role as the heiress to the fortune amassed by her husband, William Wirt Winchester, who created the “Rifle that Won the West” and changed the face of America forever. No matter what the reason, she continued to build additions to the Winchester Mystery House until she passed away in 1922, leaving a confounding maze of rooms with no apparent way in or out, stairways with no destination, and a bewildering legacy that has puzzled generations. Today, the Winchester Mystery House stands as a monument to obsession, a testament to Sarah Winchester’s ingenuity, and a site reported to be rich in paranormal activity. However you choose to look at it, the Winchester Mystery House is a fascinating place to visit, which few people leave without a spine-tingling tale to tell!


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