Santa Clara Painter

Since 2009, Gruber Painting has been the locally owned painting pros proudly serving Santa Clara and the surrounding areas including Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and parts of Alameda County. In that time, our professionalism, attention to detail, and great results have made the Santa Clara painting company of choice for residential, commercial, and even industrial jobs. We take great pride in being respectful of our customers’ property, time, schedule, privacy, and security, so we work hard to make sure our work areas stay neat and tidy from minute one to Job Done.

Some of the Santa Clara painters services Gruber Painting offers commercial and residential customers include:

  • Cabinet paint, refinishing, refurbishment, and replacement
  • Ceiling painting
  • Ceiling removal
  • Color consulting
  • Crown molding
  • Custom shutters
  • Customized painting
  • Deck staining
  • Exterior and interior door painting
  • Drywall repair
  • Faux finish painting
  • Fence painting
  • Industrial, residential and commercial painting
  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Light restoration
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Pressure washing
  • Single and multiple coat painting
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Window treatment
  • and much more!
Santa Clara Painter

Gruber Painting is the Diamond Certified commercial painter and residential professional painters Santa Clara, CA trusts to make house painting projects and commercial property painting jobs look their best, whether we’re just applying fresh coats for exterior house painting or painting a corporate headquarters from the ground up. No matter what style painting Santa Clara clients want, from trompe l’oeil and faux finishing to complete color consultation and custom paint mixing, Gruber Painting is ready and waiting to show you how cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easy it can be to get the great home exterior paint and interior looks your Santa Clara house or business deserves! Simply click here to contact us with general questions, or click here to schedule a free, no-obligation onsite estimate. And for more information about how Gruber Painting became and remains the Santa Clara painter our customers trust to deliver quality painting and an outstanding job every time, keep reading for our Frequently Asked Questions and answers from customers just like you and Gruber Painting, the Santa Clara, California house painter—and so much more!


Frequently Asked Questions About Gruber Painting, Your Santa Clara Painter


Gruber Painting is here to help with real talk, straight answers, and honest information about all your house painting and commercial painting job needs!


Question: There are a lot of painters near Santa Clara. Why should I hire Gruber Painting as my house painter? –Maralys, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: If you want to make your office house look it’s absolute best, you deserve a house painter in Santa Clara with a reputation for doing an outstanding job painting. But how do you know which ones really do a fantastic job? After all, anyone can say they’re marvelous painters in Santa Clara, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for your painting project. Gruber Painting’s reputation for delivering great Santa Clara painting results inside and out doesn’t stop at a blurb on our website. We are proud to carry Diamond Certification, California’s most prestigious and rigorous certification for contractors of all types, so you know you’re getting more than just a couple of fresh coats painting on your home or business with no real care or concern for the end result. We also have great reviews on Yelp!, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and the Better Business Bureau, so you can always feel confident whether we’re painting a cabinet, painting your home, or giving your business a much-needed update, you’ll get the best quality and service around!


Question: Does Gruber Painting do accent work? –Anthony, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: Absolutely! Whether you want to add a bold splash of color to a single wall, a stenciled border, or a complete home or office makeover, Gruber Painting can make it happen. We even offer color consultation services and custom paint mixing, so you always get the perfect color and the results you want. And we always use only low-VOC or no-VOC paint from top trusted names like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore so you and your family or employees can breathe easier during and after your painting job!


Question: What’s the average price a Santa Clara painter will charge for a residential painting job, and how is that cost determined? –Cecil, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: There are a lot of variables that play into how much consumers can expect to pay for Santa Clara painters. The size of the job has to be taken into account because a stucco ranch with three bedrooms and one or two paint colors in Santa Clara will absolutely cost less than an industrial complex in Cupertino or Sunnyvale with faux finishing and multiple colors. The accessibility of the site needs to be considered, because a house on the edge of South Bay where one side overlooks a cliff is going to require different solutions and a different approach than a Craftsman house with easy street access in Saratoga. If the building happens to be a historical site in Santa Clara, it will likely be more expensive to paint than an equivalently sized recent construction in Menlo Park or Mountain View. 

The cost of raw materials has to be accounted for as well. Paint prices will be influenced to some degree by varying tax rates across jurisdictions. For example, the average cost of a gallon on Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint is $80/gallon as of this writing. But the sales tax rate in the city of Santa Clara is 9.375%, while most of the rest of Santa Clara County has a sales tax rate of 9.125%. That may not sound like much difference, but those percentage points can add up fast! If your job requires water-based paint or elastomeric paint, this can make a huge difference in the cost as well. When Gruber Painting comes out to estimate your job, we make sure we take these local price fluctuations into account, so every customer gets an honest estimate and expert results they can take pride in when the job is done!


Question: How much surface area will a gallon of interior paint cover? –Justin, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: One gallon of paint will typically cover up to 400 square feet. If you have a bedroom that’s 15 feet wide by 12 feet long, and the ceilings are 8’ high, the surface area of your walls works out as follows:

(15*8*2) + (12*8*2) =

240 + 192 =

432 sq. ft. of total wall area to cover (excluding the ceiling). 

This, of course, does not take into account the area eaten up by doors and windows, so that has to be subtracted from the total. We’re going to call the total area to be painted 350sq.ft. by pretending the doors are going to be completely ignored, for purposes of this example. So, in theory, one gallon of paint should do the job with about ⅛ of a gallon leftover.

However, there are a couple of big assumptions involved in this calculation. Reputable Santa Clara painters will tell you that as long as the surfaces being painted are in good condition and don’t tend to “drink” or soak up paint, a single gallon should be plenty to give you all the coverage and color you need in this one room. But we’re also assuming we’re using a single, regularly available color that’s not a custom blend and that no embellishments, such as an accent wall or a faux finish to make the walls look like marble or stone, are desired. Finishes like this look beautiful, but they also take more time and paint to do properly, which will significantly increase the project cost and completion time.

Just to be clear, we’re not trying to discourage you from going for an accent wall or faux finish if that’s what you want for your Santa Clara painting job. Some furniture and decor practically demand a certain style of paint, such as a marble finish, to really tie the feel of space together in a way wallpaper can’t. However, it’s important not to get so fixated on simple square footage that you overlook the other factors which impact the overall cost and outcome of the work, so you can feel comfortable with the results you get! 


Question: How do you estimate your Santa Clara painting jobs? –Erin, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: At Gruber Painting, we believe in transparency at every step of the painting process, from before you decide to contact us until the job is done to your satisfaction. We don’t just eyeball your home or business and spit out a number that may or may not be accurate. Our estimate process is based on the following factors:

  • Where is the Jobsite located? A job in Milpitas may cost less than Palo Alto or Morgan Hill but more than Dayton or Los Gatos, for example.
  • Are we doing only interior paint, exterior painting, or both?
  • How large is the space we’ll be painting and what’s the square footage we’ll have to cover?
  • How long should the project take?
  • Do we need to plan for special preparation or treatment of the areas we’re painting, such as pressure washing, drywall repair, and removal or stripping off the old paint?
  • Does the customer want special or custom paint colors or finishes, and will multiple coats be required to deliver the best possible results?
  • What related costs will we need to factor in, such as price of paint, labor, and materials such as drop cloths, respirator masks, and shoe protection so we don’t track paint through your home or office on our way into or out of the area?

 When we arrive for your onsite estimate at no cost or obligation, we will be happy to discuss in detail how we estimate the job and why we came up with the numbers we did, so you can see exactly how the process breaks down. We believe you’ll find the price we quote and charge to be fair, reasonable, more than competitive, and within your budget. It’s just one more way Gruber Painting goes above and beyond to earn your confidence and business on every job, even before we sign the contract, and how we prove with every customer interaction that we’re the Santa Clara painting company you can trust for honesty and great results every time!

Question: Does your exterior estimate only take into account the siding and fascia, or do you also do shutters and decks? –Glinda, San Jos, CA

Answer: Gruber Painting has become the Santa Clara painters residents and businesses trust because we do it all. Unlike a handyman who might be limited in their capabilities, we do it all, from shutters and siding to fascia, eaves, and even deck stain work. When we come out to estimate your job, we make sure we know exactly what areas you want painted and which areas, if any, we should leave alone. This way, you can always be sure you’ll get the great results you deserve from Santa Clara’s premier painting company, and that your home will look the way you want it to inside and out when we’re done!

Question: Does Gruber Painting have a contractor license for Los Altos and Santa Clara’s area? –Will, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: Yes, we do, and we’re glad you asked because there are so many shady fly-by-night contractors and scam artists out there! Our California Contractor License number is #926251. We are also proud members of the Better Business Bureau as well as a California Diamond Certified Contractor, which means we have met rigorous screening criteria to earn designation as painters Santa Clara and the surrounding area can count on. You can also check out our reviews on BuildZoom, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Yelp! for more information and to read real reviews from people just like you, so you can make sure you feel comfortable with our reputation before you ever contact us for your next Santa Clara painting project!

Question: How can I be sure when I choose a contractor that I’m getting painting Santa Clara business owners can be proud of? –Jacqueline, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: As we noted in the answer above, the first step is to make sure your contractor of choice actually has a valid California contractor’s license and is properly bonded and insured against damage to your property. Most scammers and shady painters Santa Clara residents are rightly wary of won’t bother with these steps, because they require a criminal background check. If that isn’t enough, you can also check to make sure they, like Gruber Painting, are Diamond Certified and have at least an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

The next step is to check out the company’s existing reviews. As we’ve said before, just because a company doesn’t have a lot of reviews doesn’t make them instantly bad, shady, inept or incapable, but “social proof” does go a long way toward ensuring you’re going to get a great job. No honest contractor is going to jeopardize their reputation by not being and doing exactly what they promise. 

Finally, shop around. Contact several Santa Clara painters and get quotes for your job. Pay attention to how the contractors make you feel. Do they seem attentive, knowledgeable, interested and engaged in getting you the results you want, or do you feel like they’re trying to give you a “hard sell” that disregards your needs, wants and concerns? Also, remember that if the price you’re quoted seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to ask for a breakdown of how the estimate you’re quoted was arrived at, and whether that estimate takes into account everything that needs to be done to get you the results you want. A reputable contractor will be happy to explain exactly how they arrived at their quote, while someone who’s just looking to take the money and run might be vague, indifferent or even indignant that you would ask.

At Gruber Painting, we take pride in our honest, direct, transparent approach to our work at every step, from the moment we start estimating the job to the minute we leave the jobsite for the last time. We want you to be comfortable asking questions, and we’re always happy to answer them. Click here to contact us and let us show you why Gruber Painting is the Santa Clara painting company more Bay Area homeowners and businesses trust to make their world a more beautiful place, inside and out!


Question: Does Gruber Painting only serve Santa Clara? I have a second home in Redwood City I’d like to have painted. –Hank, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: Gruber Painting is proud to be the painting contractor serving Santa Clara and the surrounding area, including Silicon Valley, the South Bay and parts of Alameda County. Some of the cities we serve include:

  • Alviso
  • Atherton
  • Belmont
  • Brisbane
  • Burlingame
  • Campbell
  • Coyote
  • Cupertino
  • Daly City
  • El Granada
  • Gilroy
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Holy City
  • La Honda
  • Loma Mar
  • Los Altos
  • Los Gatos
  • Menlo Park
  • Millbrae
  • Milpitas
  • Montara
  • Morgan Hill
  • Moss Beach
  • Mount Hamilton
  • Mountain View
  • Pacifica
  • Palo Alto
  • Pescadero
  • Portola Valley
  • Redwood City
  • Redwood Estates
  • San Bruno
  • San Carlos
  • San Francisco
  • San Gregorio
  • Santa Clara
  • San Martin
  • San Mateo
  • San Jose
  • Saratoga
  • South San Francisco
  • Stanford
  • Sunnyvale

If you’re not sure if Gruber Painting serves your city or town, we invite you to click here to contact us or call us at (408) 791-1871 for more information!


Question: Does Gruber Painting only do wall painting? I just bought a new house and I need a lot of work done. –Victor, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: Gruber Painting takes pride in being Santa Clara’s paint pros of choice for large and small projects alike, whether you’re only redoing a single room or a complete office complex, including areas some other painting contractors wouldn’t touch. Some of the painting and restoration services we offer include:

  • Baseboards
  • Basement and living areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Ceilings
  • Crown molding
  • Custom painting colors and finishes, including paint matching
  • Custom shutters
  • Damage and drywall repair
  • Dining room
  • Fencing painting
  • Gutter and siding painting
  • Restoration or replacement of kitchen cabinets
  • Staining decks and fences
  • And more!

At Gruber Painting, we don’t want you to just be satisfied with the final results. We want you, and the people who come to visit you at home or the office, to experience a real wow factor and feel like you got an amazing look executed with true craftsmanship, care and concern for your property. We don’t feel the job is completely done unless you’re in love with the workmanship you got from us!


Question: How does Gruber Painting deal with environmental issues related to painting and staining? –Melody, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: At Gruber Painting, we’re always focused on finding the most efficient, eco-friendly methods to provide great results and protect the environment we all share, using rigorous selection criteria to select the paints and stains we employ in our work for maximum protection, life and beauty with the lowest impact on the environment possible. California has some of the strictest environmental protection laws and protocols in the nation, and we work hard to not only meet these standards, but exceed them. Inside and outside your home or office, we use only quality paints and stains that have low to no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These compounds are partially what gives fresh paint its strong odor, and why that smell can linger for months after a painting job is done. In addition, we’re also careful to discard unused paint and tainted protective equipment like drop cloths in accordance with the latest California and EPA regulations and standards, to help protect and preserve the health and safety of ground water, waterways and the various creatures that rely on them to survive—including us! If the painting contractor you want to hire for your project can’t say that, or won’t give you a straight answer about exactly how they work to safeguard both your family or employees and our planet’s health, you might want to reconsider your choice—or just call us and know right from the start that you’re getting a painting contractor Santa Clara trusts not only to exceed expectations for the best results around but who genuinely cares about keeping your family and our world safer and healthier while we do our job!


Question: How long will it be before I have to repaint my home exterior? –Karl, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: Because the Bay Area has a fairly temperate climate and isn’t particularly prone to winter storms or heavy weather off the Pacific Coast, you can reasonably expect to get 7-10 years from your exterior paint and up to 15 years from interior paint, with proper care, upkeep, and maintenance. However, the type of paint you choose makes a difference as well. Some kinds of paint don’t hold up as well against the elements, although people like using them because they are perceived to be more environmentally friendly or for other reasons. If you notice areas of paint starting to fade, chip, crack or peel, you should get them touched up as soon as possible to help get the maximum protection, beauty, and service life from your paint job. At Gruber Painting, we can help you choose the perfect paint to give you the beautiful look your interior and exterior deserve but which will also stand the tests of time, rain, sun, and the elements.


Question: Does Gruber Painting accept industrial jobs? –Helen, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: Yes! There’s no painting job too big or too small for our trained painting professionals to handle. From single rooms in a house to full-size hotels, hospitals, factories and more, Gruber Painting has the skills, expertise and knowledgeable staff to give you great, long-lasting results that meet your needs and your budget. We invite you to contact us by clicking here; calling (408) 791-1871; or clicking here to use our convenient onsite estimate scheduling tool, so we can evaluate your jobsite and to discuss your schedule and the specific needs of your business!


Things to Do in Santa Clara, CA from Gruber Painting, the Santa Clara Painter You Can Rely On!


Gruber Painting isn’t just the Santa Clara painter our customers have come to know and trust. We’re also a part of our community and believe it’s our responsibility to help our customers, friends and neighbors with useful information and helpful tips that can make our community stronger, more tightly knit and just more enjoyable! We hope you enjoy these points of interest and suggestions for things to do in Santa Clara, from your friends at Gruber Painting!


Business in Santa Clara


City Hall

Located at 1500 Warburton Avenue in Santa Clara, CA 95050, Santa Clara’s City Hall is the nerve center of city government and your first stop for business permitting, construction licensing, marriage licenses, and all things related to governance and compliance with city codes. Santa Clara City Hall is particularly notable for its midcentury architecture, and its beautifully designed and landscaped grounds including sculpture, a walking park, and a coffee shop. Be sure to take a stroll if time permits and see if you can find all the cool Easter eggs on the City Hall premises! City Hall is open from am-3 pm with a one-hour closure for lunch from 12 pm-1 pm Monday-Friday.


Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce

Located at 3350 Scott Blvd., Bldg. 54 in Santa Clara, CA 95054, the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce is your premier source for networking, information, and even job searching in the Santa Clara area. While the Chamber offices are closed until January 6th, 2022 for remodeling, you can always reach out to them through the website above, and they have a robust calendar of events, meetings, and informational tutorials scheduled around the area!


Fun Things to Do in Santa Clara


Just like you, we at Gruber Painting like to have some downtime, let our hair down, and just enjoy our community! Here are five fun things to do in Santa Clara, ranging from kid-friendly to escapes for the grownups and everything in between. Gruber Painting hopes you enjoy these recommendations!


Triton Museum of Art

Located at 1505 Warburton Avenue, near Santa Clara City Hall, the Triton Museum of Art features exhibitions by local and internationally known artists, sculptors, painters, and photographers. Open 11 am-4:30 pm Tuesday-Sunday and closed Mondays and holidays, the Triton Museum of Art is a great, interactive place to enjoy the beauty of art or make some of your own during special events, classes, and workshops!

Mercado Shopping Center

Located at 3101-3255 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054, the Mercado Shopping Center is a beautiful open-air shopping experience with plenty of options for dining, entertainment, and fun! Bring the kids and catch a movie at the AMC Mercado Theater, browse the shops with your family or catch up with friends at one of the cafes. Business hours vary, so be sure to check them out and call ahead if you’re looking to go at a specific time.

Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Built-in 1777 by the Franciscan Order, the historic Mission Santa Clara de Asis stands on the modern-day grounds of the Santa Clara University campus. Featuring breathtaking Spanish architecture and beautifully crafted workmanship in every detail, the chapel of Mission Santa Clara de Asis is a wonderful place to view Catholic iconography, participate in a service or simply relax in quiet contemplation. If you decide to visit, masks are required for the health and safety of visitors, students and celebrants alike.

 South Bay Historical Railroad Society

Located at 1005 Railroad Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050, the South Bay Historical Railroad Society Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History offers an exciting trip through time for train enthusiasts and railroad buffs, young and old! Featuring working HO and N scale replicas of various eras of the Iron Horse, as well as interactive exhibits, artifacts and historical information about the glory days of the railroad, the SBHRS offers an unparalleled educational experience the whole family will love. Open 5pm-8pm Monday through Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday, so you can make a day with the trains!


Ulistac Natural Area

Located at 4901 Lick Mill Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054, this beautiful, 40-acre nature preserve was set aside to safeguard the last remaining wilderness area in Santa Clara. Today, the Ulistac Natural Area works to combat the spread of invasive European and Asian plant and animal species, preserve native California flora and fauna, and educate the public about the importance of wilderness conservation not only for the environment but for our own physical, mental and spiritual health. Open from sunrise to sunset, this is a wonderful opportunity for family bonding or simply to commune with nature at its most tranquil and unspoiled.

  To contact Gruber Painting, click here for general information; call us at (408) 791-1971; or to schedule a free onsite estimate for your Santa Clara painting job, click here!