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Welcome to Gruber Painting! Your Silicon Valley Painting Contractor

Welcome to Gruber Painting, Your Silicon Valley Painting Contractor!


Thank you for your interest in Gruber Painting. We are proud to be the Diamond Certified premier Silicon Valley painting contractor for interior and exterior work, plus minor restoration. Serving San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties plus parts of Alameda County, Gruber Painting treats your home or office even better than we would our own, from Day One to Job Done!


About Gruber Painting


Founded in April 2009 by Joel Gruber, Gruber Painting has grown and expanded to become one of the most highly regarded and best-reviewed private painting companies in the Bay Area. With a view to environmental safety and uncompromising quality, we’re proud to offer Kelly-Moore, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams paints, stains, and finishes that deliver high visual impact while being gentler to the environment and your family’s or staff’s health. Offering interior and exterior painting, interior redecoration, and minor restoration services, Gruber Painting is the Bay Area’s most trusted painting service for long-term value, fast work, and true craftsmanship. 408-916-1595


Services by Gruber Painting


Gruber Painting is pleased to offer a complete suite of services to residential and commercial clients in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, as well as parts of Alameda County. Our services include:


Interior Painting

Does your home feel lifeless, drab, dark, or dated? Gruber Painting can give any room the makeover it needs to feel lighter and more cheerful, so the space better reflects your personality and has a warm, welcoming feel that will make you want to spend more time there!


Exterior Painting

Is your home’s exterior starting to show its age? Are you thinking of selling or renting your home? Do you just want to add some spice, zest, or extra beauty to the outside of your home? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need Gruber Painting! We can help give your home’s exterior the facelift it needs to boost curb appeal, improve its market presence, showcase the kind of person you are, and make your home the beautiful, welcoming place it should be on the outside as well as inside!



Are your cabinets old, worn, or out of date? Do drawers and doors get stuck regularly from the forces of time, gravity, humidity, and the seasons? Do you want a new, unified look for your cabinetry, without the hassle and stress of trying to do it yourself? Gruber Painting can help. Our trained, certified carpentry staff can deliver professionally installed, beautiful cabinetry to suit any taste, style, or need, to give you the storage space you require and the look you want!


Minor Restoration

If your fascia or trim are cracked and worn from exposure to weather, water, and sun, or you need a little extra space to install your new cabinets, or another minor restoration is required, Gruber Painting is here to help. 

Our restoration staff are experts in taking even the most shopworn spaces and faces and turning them into works of art you’ll want to show off to friends, family, or competitors!

Commercial Projects

Gruber Painting has all the necessary insurance and licenses to assure our commercial customers their job will be done right the first time by a reputable contractor. With our experience in residential and commercial painting and minor restoration, there’s virtually no job Gruber Painting can’t handle!


Showcase Projects by Gruber Painting


Cabinetry Repainting

Whether you just want to bring new life to your existing cabinetry or completely renovate and redo your storage setup for more space and greater visual appeal, Gruber Painting has the skills, knowledge, and will to deliver the best possible value for your design budget, along with low-VOC and no-VOC finishing and painting solutions which are better for the occupants of the space over time and the environment we all share!


Downtown Restoration

Modern paints are very durable and extremely long-lasting compared to their forerunners, but nothing lasts forever. Sometimes, extra work is needed to truly bring out the beauty a weathered, dull, or damaged paint job can conceal. This downtown restoration required extra elbow grease, but both the client and the Gruber Painting crew were very pleased with the final outcome!


Mediterranean Design

This beautiful home, built in the Mediterranean style, required to paint as lovely as the structure to bring out its best. Working with subdued earth tones and accent walls, we were able to make the architecture the highlight, in a color scheme that enhanced the space to its best possible advantage and spoke to its stylistic antecedents!


Gruber Painting invites you to click here to view our complete gallery of showcase projects!


Contacting Gruber Painting


Have more questions? Want to set an appointment for a free onsite consultation to go over the unique needs of your home or business? Gruber Painting makes it easy for you to get in touch with us and set up an appointment window at a time that works for you and your life. It’s just one more way we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to great customer service and value at every step, from before you contract our services until the last time we close your door on the way out at the end of the project. 

Simply click here to contact us directly, or click here to set up an onsite consultation

Also, keep reading for our FAQs about how and why to choose a Silicon Valley painting contractor with a great reputation like ours!

Frequently Asked Questions About Silicon Valley Painting Contractor Services from Gruber Painting

Gruber Painting is here to help with honest answers and real information that lets you make the right choices to safeguard the appearance, beauty, and value of your home or commercial space!

Question: What does being a Diamond Certified Silicon Valley painting contractor mean and why does it matter? -Alycia, Sunnyvale, CA

Answer: Companies that are Diamond Certified have been independently audited and evaluated in the state of California to meet the highest possible standards for quality in every aspect of their operations, and have real, verified reviews to back up their reputations and claims. This is important because almost anyone can get a contractor’s license and meet the basic criteria to do business in California – but only a Diamond Certified painting contractor has the verified experience to go above and beyond simply “acceptable” work to deliver the breathtaking results you deserve for your restoration dollars. At Gruber Painting, we’re proud of our Diamond Certification and work hard to keep it by always delivering results that look better, last longer and give our clients more of what they want and need than our competition. Click here to learn more about Diamond Certification!

Question: I know paint makes my house look great, but what does it really do besides enhance the aesthetics? – Diego, San Jose, CA

Answer:  Believe it or not, any painting pros from Silicon Valley to Miami will tell you that custom paint actually does a lot for your home or office besides just making it look nice! A fresh coat of paint is a building’s first line of defense against weathering, water infiltration and storm damage. This is because once paint dries, it forms a barrier against the harmful effects of UV rays, wind, and water. Fresh paint also helps to some degree with pest control by working to keep harmful and annoying insects out of your home longer and with less effort! Interior paint helps to retard water damage from leaking or damaged pipes and prevent damage to the woodwork or drywall of a structure, as well as making the place look and feel better and more like home. Obviously, faded, cracked, and peeling paint can’t do these things as effectively, and fresh paint is a relatively quick, easy, cost-effective way to breathe new life into a tired, worn or dated home or business. When you hire a professional painting contractor in Santa Clara County, a great early screening question to ask is what fresh paint can do for their home or office. If their answer only brushes the surface, odds are the results you get will too!  

Question: How much does it cost to have a house painted? – Melanie, Los Gatos, CA

Answer: There’s a lot to unpack when we’re talking about house paint. What kind of house is it, ie ranch, Craftsman, Victorian, Modern? How many stories and rooms does it have? Are we only doing the exterior/interior, or do you want to repaint the entire house inside and out? How long will power washing and existing paint removal take? Do you need deck staining or restoration of the interior cabinetry and/or woodwork as well? Do you want paint color consulting, or have you already chosen a color scheme? How accessible is the job site and the areas that need to be painted? What is the cost of paint in the color and quantity you want?

Once all these questions are answered, it’s much easier to give you an estimate. The average range for professional painting is anywhere from $0.50-$3.50 per square foot, but this can go higher or lower depending on several factors. At Gruber Painting, we offer free consultations and estimates to help you make sure you’re getting the maximum value, performance, and results for your decorating dollar. Click here to use our easy scheduling app and find out how fast and simple it can be to give your home the look you’ve always wanted!

Question: I want to have my home’s interior repainted, but I’m worried about how long it will take and what health concerns there might be? – Singh, Palo Alto, CA

Answer: Again, this is a seemingly small question with a lot of other questions that spin-off from it. On average, it takes professional painters 3-4 days to complete an entire residential painting job based on a three-bedroom home interior, but there are several factors that could change that. How many bedrooms are in the home? How many floors is your home? What’s the overall layout? In general, the easier and more intuitive the layout is, the fewer bedrooms there are and obviously the less square footage there is to cover, the less time it will take, but that still doesn’t tell the whole story. Do you want the cabinetry restored or redone as well? What style of painting do you want? Are we just applying fresh coats or will paint removal be needed? 

As far as safety concerns, you’re probably worried about paint fumes and residues such as lead. Gruber Painting uses only Lead safe Certified low-VOC or no-VOC quality paints and wood stains from top trusted brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, so you and your family can breathe easier and enjoy your new paint without fear of health risks caused by inferior products!

Question: What does low-VOC or no-VOC paint mean, and why should that matter when I’m having my business repainted? – Brandon, Santa Clara, CA

Answer: You’ve probably noticed interior paints tend to have a very distinctive smell that’s hard to mistake for anything else. Most of this smell comes from the chemicals, compounds, and elements used to add color to the liquid paint and make it the precise shade, hue, tint, and tone you want. However, many paints contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, as well. These compounds are carbon-based compounds which make application easier and contribute to that “new paint” smell. They can also cause health and environmental issues for months or even years after the paint job is completed as these compounds “off-gas” from the paint and are released into the ambient environment. Some examples include headaches, respiratory issues, and, for particularly susceptible or medically fragile individuals, dizziness or fainting spells. Most of the off-gassing effects subside within 2-6 months, but particleboard and other porous materials that soak up paint or wood stain can trap these compounds and keep them in the environment for years.

To combat the potential risks associated with VOCs and help safeguard the health and safety of our customers and everyone who lives and works in a given space, Gruber Painting uses only low-VOC paints with a VOC content of fewer than 50 grams/liter of paint (6.4oz/gallon), or certified no-VOC paints which do not contain these compounds at all. While these paints do still have an odor, most people report it’s less intense and doesn’t linger as long as traditional paints, and they’re more environmentally sound and health-friendly. This allows our customers to spend more time enjoying the beautiful new look of their paint and less time worrying about possible problems arising from their new paint job!

Question: What questions should I ask when engaging remodeling contractors or professional painters? – Andrea, Redwood City, CA

Answer: Your professional painting service should have plenty of questions for you, so it’s only fair (and expected) that you should ask some too. Contractors with experience painting commercial buildings and residential painting services should be expecting these questions, and might even prompt you with answers to questions you didn’t think to ask! In general, any contractor who gets upset, defensive or evasive when asked about their experience, skill level or the sort of products and processes they use is a contractor you’ll likely want to avoid. With this in mind, here are some questions you can and should ask when you’re looking for paint pros you can trust. These questions can help you weed out fake or inexperienced contractors and help you get off the fence with a contractor who inspires trust and confidence that you’ll get a job well done!

How did you arrive at that estimate for this paint job? 

A reputable contractor will have an established formula for estimating paint job costs, including overall area, equipment, time, and materials. This formula should be clear, transparent, and easy to understand while covering all the expected costs such as unusual or custom paint colors, any extra restoration work such as popcorn ceiling removal and replacement, or cabinetry remodeling or refinishing, and of course a reasonable labor calculation. Your contractor should always be able to thoroughly explain and describe how they arrived at the numbers they did. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is!

Have you done other projects I might have seen? 

Some clients prefer contractors not to disclose that they did a given job for various reasons including privacy, security, and other considerations. A reputable contractor will not breach this confidentiality for any reason, so it’s not an automatic red flag if they can’t or won’t discuss a specific job. However, there are plenty of previous clients who’ve had both residential painting jobs and commercial painting work who are all too happy to show off the exterior results! Ask the contractor for a portfolio of previous work that’s similar to the results you’re looking for. 

Does this contractor serve my area? 

Most reputable contractors will have a clearly defined service area, such as South Bay painting professionals or paint pros serving Santa Cruz or Silicon Valley, CA. While a contractor in a given area may choose to accept work outside their normal area, it is likely they will add a surcharge to the estimate for added travel time to the Jobsite. 

What are your site tidiness and cleanup protocols? 

A great paint job means more than just fresh coats of paint and on to the next. Real professional painters understand that while to them it’s a Jobsite, to their customers it’s their homes and businesses, which the contractor has been invited into. Because of this, true paint professionals take pride in keeping their work areas neat and clean from minute one to job done, including the use of drop cloths, plastic sheeting, and shoe covers to prevent tracking dirt, dust, and paint throughout adjacent areas. With California’s strict environmental rules, contractors are required by law to dispose of unused paint and used protective materials in specific eco-friendly ways. Your contractor should be able to explain, in detail, how they plan to keep your home or business and the environment we all share neat and clean while they deliver the new look you want, and what you can expect at every step of the job.

Do you have references? 

Sure, a great-looking portfolio helps a lot – but there’s no substitute for Silicon Valley painting companies who can point to reviews or references from homeowners who say they would hire this contractor again if and when the need arises! Just because a contractor doesn’t have many reviews or references doesn’t mean they don’t know their business or aren’t good at what they do, but this could scan as a red flag for more established contractors or if a contractor has an unusually high proportion of poor reviews.  

Question: Of all the painting companies Silicon Valley has to offer, why should I choose Gruber Painting? – Jefferson, Morgan Hill, CA

Answer: This is a question we get asked a lot, and it’s one we’re happy to answer! Gruber Painting has been offering painting service and light restoration in the Silicon Valley area since 2009. In that time, we’ve worked on everything from single-room bathroom repaints and backyard fence woods painting to industrial painting jobs. Our reviews and Diamond Certified status speak for themselves as to our work quality, customer satisfaction, and client retention. 

Gruber Painting has become the premier Silicon Valley painting contractor the old-fashioned way, by treating every customer and every job as the most important one we’ll ever have. Blending the best of high-tech scheduling, paint removal, and application tools and techniques with an old-school respect for the places we’re invited into, the people we interact with, and the planet we all have to live on, Gruber Painting is dedicated to delivering the best results at a fair price and making your design budget stretch further by giving you more for your money. And we make it easier than anyone else to get an estimate for your next painting project, from a company Silicon Valley homeowners and businesses know and trust!

To find out more about how Gruber Painting can help with your residential or commercial painting job and give you the great results you deserve at a price you’ll love, click here to contact us directly, or click here to set up an onsite consultation and estimate with no cost or obligation!